‘The Chris Matthews Show’: The future of print

Can America survive without newspapers?
Will online news fill the void?
When city papers fold, who’s going to watch City Hall?
A special “The Chris Matthews Show” from Aug. 23, 2009 focuses on those questions and more.

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  • #   Tabrez on 11.11.12 at 3:32 pm     

    Mid-30s, Male, Longtime subscriberEcho comenmts by male 39 at 9 p.m. Herald seems very soft on local businesses and UND. I understand it’s a tenuous balance being the press in a town like this, but the Herald seems more likely to parrot press releases than do any constructive, proactive editorial or investigative pieces.Aside: maybe we can get Lacey Crisp to give up in Wisconsin and switch to print journalism! She can stir up some trouble in a hurry!Print newspaper from here on out is NEVER going to be as good or as fast or as complete as the Internet at covering major national stories. In order to keep people coming back for more, the focus has to be local. That’s the only successful end here for the Herald. Which works fine for sports and government and local feature stories. But over time, people seem to grow intolerant of puff pieces and always-positive restaurant reviews. Bad news sells. Sturm und Drang sells. Controversy sells.I’m reminded of the standard catch-phrase on the Jim Rome radio show where the host implores opinion-giving callers to Have a take and don’t suck .

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