Clever film making

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My friends and I were bored one day during Christmas Break and decided to make a quick movie. We shot this in 30 minutes and only used 8 minutes of tape. I then proceeded to spend 3 and a half weeks putting in the visuals for the film. Special thanks to the Action Essentials 2 kit from, and Jason Lee for his Enterprise model.

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    Relative to the charge of iliseponsrbre journalism because Darlene Burcham was not asked to comment on the story. What is there for her to comment about other than yes the statistics are or are not accurate? I would be very very surprised if the (startling) statistics were not accurate .Darlene’s defense is she only did what she told the City Council to direct her to do. Ok, that’s my version of what happened, but since the council members we have elected are clueless about what it takes to run a city they’ve let her do it for them.Darlene’s vision has been flawed (I’m being polite) and has given us Miller’s Hill, a $3 million dollar site prepared lot somewhere off Orange Ave, Countryside, the Civic Center, parking garages we don’t need, and, and, and all approved by the various City Council’s.And what have we the voters done? Well we did get rid of Bombastic Bev, and the Reverend Dr. C. Nelson Harris the former who has never knowingly done anything wrong, nor looking at his work history done anything right and the later, in my opinion, totally without an ethical mooring. In the process, however, we had to settle for a seemingly tone deaf buffoon who is better at leading parades than presiding over a city.I’m not sure how Mutt and Jeff got off on segregation in Roanoke real, imaginary, perceived, or by choice but I don’t think we can pin that on Darlene.Funny thing there are more opinions about the contents of the article, to say nothing of other complaints, than people attending City Council meetings and voicing their opinions. Now why is that? And why is it most seem to prefer anonymity? I have more respect for someone who has enough strength in their opinions they are willing to put their name on them. Otherwise their opinion is like a navel everyone has one and most of them are fuzzy and that too is the polite form.As for the members of the City Council, sans Rosen and Lea, they are a joke and should resign. Instead one wants to be elected to the House of Delegates and has made sure she hasn’t gotten her hands dirty with anything in Roanoke and will claim she did great things with greenways. The newest and in my opinion dumbest member of the council has already announced he is looking forward to running for election. Oh by the way do you all know that council members are eligible to participate in the City’s Health Care program? Nice perk that. For someone using Medicare it makes a nice carrier to pick up costs not covered by Medicare. Talk about being for you fill in the blank. WOW!What I’d like to know is where are all so called prominent leaders of the business community? Why aren’t they stepping forward to improve things in Roanoke. One would think it would be in their best interest to do so. Unless .. If one has a really good deal going, I suppose it isn’t smart to be rocking the boat.Just a thought.When all is said and done, I’ve concluded one could do a comic strip about Roanoke and no one would believe it was true.

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