Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement address

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    Herald Subscriber questioning why I am still:I just think that Herald is not a good news paper aomrnye, it has gone down hill and editor Jacobs seems content to kill it a slow death. Also Jacobs is trying to interject his left wing bias into everything in this news paper. Because the paper has gotten stagnant I think that the editor should be asked to leave the Herald needs new leadership. The herald is full of fluff and a lot of anti-fighting Sioux name. Doreen Little Bird should even be working at the Herald, nothing she writes is worth reading, why is she relevant? Every Sunday article in the opinion page has to have a person opinion on the fighting Sioux name. Give it a rest. I would love to see the police blotter from week to week. The public need to see who is caught driving around town drunk. I think the public has the right to see who made their way into the news, but its not being reported.

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