Happy New Year 2012 from GMU

Mason 2011 from LAB3inc on Vimeo.

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  • #   Krlitos on 03.07.12 at 6:56 pm     

    Controversy induces gcanhe. Controversy induces magazine sales.Thank you, PROUD TO BE A ROANOKE WOMAN. Petty is definitely right. Without going into media bias, which would inevitably send some right-wing into a tangent about cnn or something, let’s just talk about this one piece. It was irresponsible journalism because it was in such poor taste. Not calling Darlene for comment about an article featured on the cover with a ridiculous caricature of her isn’t just irresponsible journalism, it’s just plain immoral. If I had a subscription I’d cancel it too.Thank you, Michael Ramsey, for saying exactly what I would have said. And for pointing out the obvious – this is not a problem unique to Roanoke. Darlene isn’t the sole reason for the economic issues of this city.You think Darlene makes the city look bad? This magazine makes the city look bad. Prospective residents, business owners, and educated individuals may not know about the petty trash talk over the City Manager, but they could easily find a copy of this magazine, whose title represents the city. They would see the pettiness and the obvious flaws in the article and therefore get a bad impression of the city and/or its people. It’s embarrassing.

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