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Tips for using Storify in your reporting in digital storytelling

[View the story “Tips for using Storify in your reporting in digital storytelling” on Storify]

Using Storify for journalism education

Here’s a great tutorial by Kelly Fincham on how to use Storify. The site itself also has several Storified tutorials. [View the story “Using Storify for journalism education” on Storify]

‘A Day Make of Glass 2’ — Are you ready for the future?

The 1991 Redskins – ‘We were special’

GMU journalism student Nick Plum contributed to reporting, shooting and editing this video for the Washington Post and Synthesis Multimedia Productions. That’s another former Mason student’s company, B.J. Koubaroulis.

Britt Wright: News, sports and entertainment TV resume reel

Happy New Year 2012 from GMU

Mason 2011 from LAB3inc on Vimeo.

Poynter: How false reports of Joe Paterno’s death were spread and debunked

by Jeff Sonderman Published Jan. 21, 2012 9:58 pm News spread quickly Saturday evening that former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno had died. Except, he hadn’t. Here is an account of how it happened. [View the story “False reports of Joe Paterno’s death” on Storify]

Chiquita Banana: The Original Commercial

Martin Luther King Jr. on NBC’s Meet the Press in 1965

Wynton Marsalis on Martin Luther King’s legacy