What is the WJMC?

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  • #   Will on 11.11.12 at 3:19 pm     

    Early 30 s, subscriber.I read the Herald to get local news, I don’t epecxt to receive my National/International news from this source (and it’s a good thing!). As the Herald focuses on local news, one thing I wish they did was include the daily police report. If the Bismarck Tribune can do this, the Herald can as well. I also agree that there is a quite a bit of fluff/personal interest stories, but I think if the focus is local, this is okay, and many of these stories are interesting. I agree with previous posters that the Herald is too easy on UND and the GF/EGF governments as well as local businesses. A couple years ago some friends and myself made a GF Editorial generator. It started out with, Altough we don’t have _______ (pick either mountains, scenery, lakes), this is still such a great place to live because we have ______(pick either great schools, low crime, a happy friendly community), and it’s better to live here than (pick Fargo, Bismarck, or the Twin Cities). We laughed that after we made our editorial generator, how many times the editorials completely fit our model. I consider the Billings Gazette the model for a good local paper, although I understand their population is much higher than ours.

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