Britt Wright: News, sports and entertainment TV resume reel


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    Hi PeterThanks. I’m a stickler for promos and commercials, so in tandem with them making theirs I put this together – not finished yet.They all made variations of short news piece and promos made in the two days, which will be posted soon on and Viewmag, which yes, hopefully will attract feedback.The key was a good understanding of shooting and to a degree auterism. You know confidence and knowledge to be movie maker. Go be creative.Had some really useful and very kind feedback from attendants.dp.s You’ve changed word press theme – all good!

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    Re: “Retired from Roanoke City just how much does the QUEEN make and how much was her last pay raise? When Mrs. Burcham arrived in 2000 her stnitrag salary was $130,000. As of 2008 it stands at $173,658.68.

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