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Common Errors: Bias article (cont.)

There’s some repetition here, but that’s the point: It is my experience that you repeat the same mistakes over and over. So try to pay attention to these points and learn from them. Your next story will reflect the improvement. While and as: These words make poor connectors after a comma or semicolon. Instead, start […]

Common Errors: The bias story/essay

Please note that this is a work in progress as I read and edit through your stories and provide you with feedback. It should take me a week to complete all your stories. Directions, especially in a large class like this one, are meant to be followed. That means: 1. Read your syllabus thoroughly. That’s […]

Google spoof Super Bowl ad

Google Super Bowl ad

Charlie Rose on the iPad

Sir Harry Evans on the future of journalism

Jim Stovall on journalism ethics

Journalism ethics from Jim Stovall on Vimeo.

O’Reilly vs. Stewart on ‘The Factor’

This video runs nearly 40 minutes; therefore it requires a commitment to stick with it. But to watch Jon Stewart parry and thrust with Bill O’Reilly is to see two masters at the top of their game go at it, maintain their composure, stick to their narrative, and ultimately bridge the divide that stretches between […]