Have you seen "The Story of Stuff" (everyone else has)?

The Story of Stuff will take you on a provocative tour of our consumer-driven culture — from resource extraction to iPod incineration — exposing the real costs of our use-it and lose-it approach to stuff.

The movie is just the beginning of the story. Watch it, learn more, get involved!

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  • #   Arnon on 11.11.12 at 3:07 pm     

    Male, 50 s. Subscriber.You want us to tell you what we like, not what we don’t like! What’s the matter, can’t take the heat? You’re the one who onpeed the can of worms. How about a comprise? Half good, half bad.The good local news. Today’s Prairie Country section had a nice local story on page one, followed by canned stories. Obviously, the Herald already knows that local is best. They just don’t want to pay reporters to write the stories. It’s easier and cheaper to get copy from AP, or wherever.The bad canned stories. Duh! If there isn’t enough local news to fill the newspaper, use photographs. They’re inexpensive and worth, yes, a thousand words!The ugly certain columns. I’ll be nice and not name names. No, I’m going to name one name. Mike Brue. I believe he’s back at the Herald. I don’t recall how he spelled it, but no Herald columnist has ever come close to equaling the Bruesies’ popularity. I’m sure those of you who remember his column will agree. One of the best humor writers I’ve ever read. Period.Bring back the Bruesies and I promise never to drop my subscription! I’m serious. Anyone else agree with me about Mike Brue’s former column?Really, though, everyone likes trashing, literally and figuratively, their local newspaper. I’ve seen worse, and better, than the Herald in my time. Worse, for example, being the Minot Daily News, better being the Bismarck Tribune and Fargo Forum.I am addicted to the smell and feel of newspapers almost as much as I am to coffee. The only reason I’d ever cancel my subscription is if I moved away. Keep up the good work!

  • #   Abou on 11.11.12 at 3:07 pm     

    Male, 26-34 categoryNot cunelrtry living in GF. When back I read everyday, when I lived in GF this past summer I read everyday, and when I move back will subscribe and read everyday.Likes: Unlike several posters, I like Dorreen Yellobirds column. I find her perspective to be a north dakotan view that is often overlooked Like the food page, except for the whole left-hand column which is usually a bunch of ads for new cooking devices Like some of the editorial columns Like the focus on of local news, but I think some national stories must be included Like the human interest stories, but only to a point, would rather see national/local news on the front page than human interest Really enjoyed the recent article about the cleaning the Coulee (a project long overdue imho) but I wished the article included information about how readers could get involved with the projectDislikes Would like to see more depth in the local business/politics/tax coverage. I believe one purpose of the paper is help its readers make informed decisions. Some stories, even lengthier ones, do not report on an issue at such a level to leave me feeling informed about what the underlying facts are, what the dispute is about, what the arguments of both sides are. Would like to see the Herald take a more critical (i.e. unPollyanish) view of things sometimes Really agree about bringing back Christopher Jacobs coverage of movies and local theaters. Marilyn Hagerty’s time has come, the only thing she writes that is half-way tolerable is the column on GF back in the day. The Herald really needs a food columnist with some culinary/viticultural knowledge. And the letters to her sister isn’t even a titillating’ gossip column (which I presume is the goal of a gossip column). I understand her husband used to edit the paper, but please, it’s time for a change.Hmmm that’s it for now.

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