Benedict Cumberbatch: ‘Broken News’ scenes

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  • #   Brayan on 11.11.12 at 7:36 pm     

    AMEN to the comments about Dorreen Yellow Bird! I was biginneng to think I was the only person that felt that way. Seriously, is she a one trick pony? Is she only trotted out to for bi-monthly anti nickname rant? Wouldn’t it be fun if she tried to write a column defending the use of Dakota Sioux Casino ? I get a real sense that her columns go unchallenged in their newsroom as well. Her factual mistakes can’t be pointed out to her because I’m sure that would cancerous, possibly racist. While I’m here, what’s with Mike Jacobs’ bird-watching column? You can’t make anything up more ridiculous than that. I would assume that space is limited in newspapers, yet you have a bird watching column? That appeals to what, maybe two dozen people? So anyway, I’m 37 and I told a friend of mine three weeks ago that the next time Dorreen Yellow Bird wrote another anti-nickname story I was going to cancel my subscription. I stand by that.

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