The history of video games in 100 seconds

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  •   Tayeb on 11.11.12 at 4:10 pm     

    48 male 25 year subscriberI read the Herald first thing in the mrnniog (our carrier delivers before 4:45 every mrnniog .. wonderful) before going to my other NoDak newspapers, Tribune, Wash Post and Drudge Report each mrnniog. The Herald is a quality newspaper which is open to its readers and attempts to be fairly balanced in its reporting.I consider myself a news junkie who must read the Herald each and every mrnniog and online when I’m out of town.I would suggest a bit more of hs sports reporting which can be tough in a university community as the BisTrib and others in the state provide. I believe the local news reporting is sound and has strong follow-through on its stories.The editorial page is healthy Tom Dennis does his research which is appreciated even when you may disagree with his point. It’s not weak nor lacking detail.Ours is a quality paper and certainly has its weaknesses, however, does give us what we need . local, regional and national news.

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